2024 Subaru Impreza: new teaser…

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A few years ago, it was easy to predict a new Crosstrejk just by looking at the Impreza. These days, the much more popular Crosstrek is usually unveiled first. Which makes it really easy to guess what the Impreza will look like for 2024.

As you can see, the teaser is just showing a new Crosstrek without all the plastic crap all over. gain, the Crosstrek, and Impreza hatchback will be the same car.

While Subaru showed the new Crosstrek a few months ago, we still haven’t seen the US version yet. And they’ve announced the new 2024 Impreza will be shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show in a few days. But still no word about the US Crosstrek…

I think it’s strange to unveil a new Impreza in the first place. They sold less than 35 000 of them last year, and most people don’t even know it still exists. While they sold over 3.6 times more Crosstreks. I guess 35 000 cars is still 35 000 more cars sold…

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  1. “…most people don’t even know it still exists.”

    Vince, you clearly live in a warm part of the country. Subarus are EVERYWHERE in the northeast and other cold parts of the country. The Impreza is very popular around here – there is no way to forget that it exists when at least someone on your block owns one.

  2. Subarus are extremely popular here too. The Crosstrek is everywhere. I see a few every day. But I haven’t seen an Impreza in years, literally.

  3. SO sick of Subaru teasers, because they are always so far away from the actual production models. Maybe Subaru will finally get a clue and release something different, but odds are they won’t.

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