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I think the visual improvements to the Audi e-Tron make it look even better. Now called Q8 e-Tron, the revised Audi EV is expected to reach a 300 miles range. with the same impressive and luxurious interior, it is a very serious contender. The current e-Tron starts at $71 000, and let’s hope Audi finds it in its heart to keep the new pricing close. As it is, it costs about $24 000 less than the new Polestar 3. And just a bit more than a Tesla Model Y (and even a bit less if you get a red Model Y with a white interior and larger wheels.)

The video shows both versions. Q8 e-Tron and Q8 e-Tron sport back. And they both look great.

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  1. Both are really good looking “SUVs”. A little bit too much glossy black on the interior, but other than that, a very nice interior.

    If Audi keeps it at the $71,000 starting price, I think it will sell well. Its above my price range, but I’m sure it will appeal to a lot of people. Call me old fashion, but I think an electric car/ SUV that actually looks like a car/ SUV inside and out will appeal to more people.

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