New RAM mid-size pickup?

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I haven’t seen that much camouflage on a car in many years. I guess back when Toyota was testing cars in L.A covered up in brown cardboard all over.

I am being told this could be a prototype of an upcoming new mid-sized truck from Ram. But these round headlights make it look more like a Jeep. The photo was also taken in Brazil, which means it could also be something for the local market that will not be sold outside of South America. And it could also be based on the Fiat Toro pickup.

I think this could be anything. It could also be something from China testing in Brazil. Of course, a smaller Ram pickup would be welcome in the US. But electrification is moving faster and faster and by the time something like this is actually ready for the US, it might just be too late.

(Thanks to reader Mike D for the photo)

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  1. It’s a RAM 1200, growed up version from the FIAT Toro. About the headlights, these preliminary units are from Renegade, but eill be replaced. Overall, it will be wider, taller and longer than a Toro, with rear disc brakes instead (Toro uses drum), and expected engines are 2.0 gasoline and 2.2 diesel.
    This one will go to Mexico probably, but USA only if chicken tax is gone.

  2. Vince do you really not understand what a test mule is when it comes to non-final parts (like headlights)?

  3. You are absolutely correct. I really do not understand the meaning of the words “test mule”. I have never heard that term before and have zero ideas what that is…

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