2024/25 Nissan GT-R: new illustration…

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Yes, the Nissan GT-R is still around. And a new one is even planned…

The current model started production in 2007. So it’s not too crazy to expect a new generation after 15 years. The illustration above seems to show a high-performance EV. Which would be a drastic but necessary change. Especially if the next generation is around for over 10 years.

Maybe the more drastic change would be the addition of 2 more doors. This means the next GT-R could better compete with cars like the Porsche Taycan.

In any case, I do like the illustration above. Although the Nissan Maxima replacement will also be an EV. Hopefully, it’ll look really good too. Something for the rest of us… A few months ago Nissan acknowledged a new EV sedan coming in 2024 or 2025. With the current Maxima disappearing next year, the timing sounds about right.

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  1. If they were smart, they’d make the 4 door version an Infiniti and make the GT-R be a 2-door Nissan. That would give both brands a halo-car.

  2. This illustration is amazing looking. Too bad the real thing probably won’t be like this. As for the Maxima, I can almost guarantee the next one will be a production version of the IMS EV concept. If you take a close look at the teaser for the 2025 EV sedans Nissan released in February, you will see it lines up closely to the IMS. Putting the Maxima badge on it is the logical thing to do. The Infiniti version meanwhile will be based on the QS concept and probably be the next Q50.

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