2024 Cadillac XT4: this is it…

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I think this is a big step backward…

The current XT4 is a nice-looking compact SUV. Its main problem is being overpriced. And its blah interior, especially for the price.

While the 2024 revision will come with a mostly new interior, including a brand new “Lyriq-like” dashboard, the exterior changes look pretty terrible so far. The new front end looks like it was designed by a 10-year-old. Or some previous generation computer. It’s busier than ever and doesn’t improve anything.

I guess the new interior will be worth waiting for the 2024 model year if you’re thinking of getting one. GM should also revise pricing. While it starts at around $37 000, the loaded one I test-drove for a week last year was over $57 000!

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  1. These photos aren’t great. Why is GM flubbing all the newest Cadillac and Buick designs? Also, why can you get any Cadillac for less than $40k? Or even $50k? Aren’t these supposed to be premium cars?

  2. Oh no. Another victim of “my eyes are down here!” Syndrome. Now it looks like a 2020 Palisade.

  3. I personally think you guys are mentally insane to think this is a huge step backward. I think it looks a more aggressive. The changes are not “pretty terrible” you’re grossly over exaggerating. What is a shame though is that power figures likely won’t be bumped and pricing will probubly stay over priced, but possibly more justified if the interior aesthetics and tech are up to market standard.

  4. I don’t get the hate. I quite like it. It was already a handsome vehicle. The update makes it look sharper. The interior was the big letdown with this vehicle and if it looks like the Lyric interior, that would be fantastic.

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