2024 Volvo EV Minivan: new illustration…

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1: why not.

2: It will probably look close to this.

The second photo shows Volvo’s product plans for the Chinese market. And it does include an MPV for 2023. On top of an unnamed SUV. Which is probably the small EX30 we mentioned earlier on this site. And an “EX90 Excellence”. That sounds like a super luxurious version of the recently introduced EX90.

MPS, or Minivans, are quite popular in China. Especially high-end ones it seems. Buick keeps selling more and more units of their large GL8 Minivan over there. Reaching over 170 000 units in 2021. An increase from 158 879 in 2020 and 148 121 the year before. The Chinese GL8 is almost as popular as all US Buick models together, A s the whole brand sold 182 380 cars in the US in 2021.

I understand why Geely would want a part of that big pie for their Volvo brand. After seeing the EX90, the Minivan will probably look quite conservative. Close to the illustration above. And will definitely not come to North America…

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