Volvo EX30: new illustration…

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We saw a couple of SUV silhouettes just a few days ago at the EX90 presentation. Giving us a preview of upcoming new smaller SUVs. This illustration shows what the smallest, probably called EX30, could look like.

And that looks really small. Something that might not even make it to the US. Something mostly for the European and Chinese markets I guess. Since Polestar will stay quite expensive, there is room for Volvo to move down a couple of notches. Especially in Europe.

And it will probably look close to this. Nothing too crazy…

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  1. Please don’t say it won’t come to the US. Volvo needs a less expensive vehicle in the US as the XC40 costs $600 to lease with money down! And there are no incentives on this model. Even the Polestar 2 and 3 are very expensive. Plus BMW recently said they are committed to less expensive models. The small Volvo will do well if it were made in S. Carolina for folks to get the EV tax/rebate incentive making it a BIG WIN for Volvo.

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