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Yes, you read this right: the “2025 Chevrolet Malibu”.

The current generation was first originally scheduled for a 2025 model-year redesign. With the production of the current generation ending at the end of 2023 or early 2024. Later, around last February, news came out about the Malibu being canceled after the current model. Which meant no next generation, unless GM decided to use the name for something else like an EV.

Now we have a new rumor about a next-generation coming out in 2024 (2025 model year) as originally planned. Although the car might actually be a bit different from the one planned up until last year. I hear it will use a modified version of the current platform, although the new model could be a bit longer.

That means no hybrid or EV version. Strictly ICE. This could be a problem in a few years but actually makes sense. The current Malibu is still a very nice looking car, it drives well, is very comfortable and roomy. And at $23 400 to start, it’s also cheaper than a Honda Civic while being a mid-sized car. And there’s obviously still a market for a nice, affordable ICE sedan. GM’s last sedan is also still quite popular. Sales went way down in 2021 with around 40 000 units from over 102 000 the previous year. But they bounced way back with over 90 000 expected sales in 2022. I can see why GM is thinking of keeping it around. While not spending the cash on an all-new car.

By the time this new Malibu comes out, the Hyundai Sonata and Kia K5 will basically be gone. The redesigned Accord will look really old. Who knows if Nissan will keep or redesign the Altima? Basically, the new Camry (coming out in around a year) will have the whole mid-sized sedan for itself. Less competition could mean even more sales for a new Malibu.

I say why not!

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  1. They could always come out with an EV version on the Ultium platform like they’ve done with the Blazer and Equinox. They used the same babes but look nothing like the ICE versions.

  2. That image looks fantastic. I doubt it will look anywhere near that good. Having another redesign of the existing platform seems totally fine – seems very wasteful to have to throw away a perfectly good platform design every 6 to 10 years when the uses for a mid-sized family sedan really hasn’t changed that much since the 80s. I also think GM needs to maintain a certain level of ICE vehicles going because many are switching to EV, but there will be many others who will wait.

  3. this new Malibu appears a very nice looking car, a nice evolution from the current car. I think it’s probably the best so far with the split headlights that are in fashion today. I had several rental Malibus in the last few years. I was always surprised at how NICE they were, great cars, super comfortable, economical, etc. Drove great and were silent in spite of the smallish engine. A car like that is hard to beat for the price point. We need more options in the mid-$20K not more cars moving towards the $40K “mid luxury tier”
    great, comfortable transportation.

  4. It’s a great idea. Not everyone is ready for an EV or even a hybrid. And not everyone wants a crossover. If they use the existing platform and just give it a new body and interior, the development costs would be really low.

  5. First, I want to say that I’ve driven the current gen Malibu a couple of times as rentals and was impressed with its handling, fuel economy and overall suspension tuning. Its a well executed car for driving. What I didn’t like was the real cheap interiors (even against others in one vehicle class down)… read that as all hard plastics, really cheap feeling seat covers and the dated dash and instruments.

    Now, if Chevy could fix the interior cheapness and dated design, update the exterior a bit, this could really be a big seller. The thing they have to navigate is that these sell well in The Flyover – where EVs aren’t really much of a presence, because they can’t beL Its super cold or super hot outside; There’s a lot less charging infrastructure, and its not the economical choice yet, in a place where people earn a lot less.

    The new Accord, by comparison, just lost its 2.0T engine with the redesign. A very dull redesign. And, the other newly revamped Honda models, even in top hybrid trims have shown a heavy level of cost cutting. Just look at seating trim, color choices, loss of lots of small amenities (rear air vents, USB charging, arm rests, trunk releases, temp spares, fog lights, etc… ).

    Where should Chevy go? Definitely, the ICE. But they would be smart to leverage their Ultium knowledge for a high mileage hybrid. People in The Flyover largely look for economical ways to do what they’ve been doing, and that’s a hybrid, not necessarily an EV. And I doubt it will go EV for a good long time. I just dont see them here. But, hybrids…. they can’t keep them on the lots here. That would probably also be true in coastal areas not named (but maybe also) California. Its time to strike, GM.

  6. I agree. There is a market for a very nice looking and affordable sedan in the US. The next Camry will also be more expensive than the next Malibu.

  7. I i really dont care what grille it has, just build it along with a Buick Regal sedan, any thing is better than those shoe box designed SUVs, gorgeous looking sedan, just like the 2024 Cadillac CT6, Cadillac Celestiq, and the Buick Lacrosse, GM is starting to come to their senses, either that or they are re-employing great car designers that have retired in the past.

  8. Ok.

    They used a Buick Regal/Opel Insignia as the base for this photoshop. Looks good!

  9. I hope this does happen!! I love the way this car looks. I do agree with the interior needs a complete make over though. I also agree with building this along side the Buick regal. I should have bought one before GM decided to kill it off. That was a huge mistake on their end in my opinion. I had one as a loaner when my GMC truck was in the shop and I absolutely loved it.

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