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Yes! A PHEV version of the new 2023 Honda Accord is coming. Just not here…

And probably not outside of the Chinese market. Which is really a shame. It just shows Honda does have the technology to produce a plug-in hybrid version of the new Accord. But chooses not to sell it over here.

Sure, it might be quite costly. And maybe the US plants aren’t equipped to build it which means no federal incentives. But I still think it’s a missed opportunity. Especially when a PHEV Camry is probably coming as early as next year since pretty much all new Toyota products are offered with both Hybrid and PHEV technology these days.

Really a strange move from a company that used to be so innovative…

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  1. Quite bizarre. It should have been built here too. We had a PHEV Fusion was sold here YEARS ago.

  2. First, its not so strange an action by Honda. NA Honda is convinced of the following:
    1. the only Americans interested in hybrids are within a small band of the market. Not their larger trucks. Not their minivan. Those people want V6’s, and they’re not necessarily wrong.

    2. Americans are leaving sedans and maybe they dont invest too too much in the Accord. The hybrid in this and CRV will cover those, while getting to their FE and electrication goals.

    3. They dont have enough batteries to do everything now. So they’re going after the larger, more expensive vehicles to recoup the lost sales. Civic hybrid later. HRV hybrid still later. They already have perhaps the best fleet fuel economy in the industry for a mainstream brand. So they can wait as part of a phased approach. And PHEVs demand A LOT more battery than a hybrid. that just makes sense. Make more units of the regular hybrid instead. Then see if a PHEV market is ready for the Accord maybe at MMC.

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