Next-generation Mustang Mach-E: new illustration…

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The above info from Ford shows the production schedule for the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The current model will stop production in June 2026, after a bit over 6 years, which does make sense. And it looks like an all-new generation will start producing the next day.

It also mentions a “Mustang Mach-E Coupe”. This means the next generation offers 2 body styles. Something VW is already doing with ID.4 and ID.5 overseas (We don’t get the ID.5 in North America)

I’m not sure if the illustration above shows the regular Mach-E or the Coupe version, but the current generation, by trying hard to look like a Mustang, already has a 4 door coupe shape. I don’t think in that case “coupe” actually means a real 2 door coupe. Since the next generation Mustang is due out in 2028. And that will be an EV too. Matching the Mustang classic offering of a traditional Coupe and (hopefully) a convertible.

No matter what, it will be interesting to see what Ford does with the Mach-E. And if they will keep the name Mach-E once all Mustang models are electric. Or become some kind of Mustang-X SUV…

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