2024/25 Lexus IS: patent photos.

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These new patent designs show a very similar car to the concept we saw back in late 2021 as part of the giant Toyota/Lexus EV preview, where they showed over 15 EV concepts.

By then the sedan was rumored to be a replacement for the Lexus IS. Or just be the next IS sedan. It will also be a full EV. New rumors mentioned the car being based on the eTNGA platform. Toyota’s new CEO Koli Sato mentioned a few weeks ago that Toyota/Lexus is currently developing their “next-generation” EVs and Lexus will be the first brand getting them. I’ve heard of a new platform being developed but since the patent photos above show a final design, it’s fair to assume it is based on the current platform.

If you study the photos closely and compare them to the concept images, the proportions are a bit different. Front and rear overhangs are obviously longer on the production version, and actually, remind me a bit of the Hyundai Ioniq 6 sedan. And the hatchback design is obvious on the patent images, while there was no indication of one in the concept. Which is great news.

There is a rumor of a total of 360HP from 2 electric motors. A huge jump from the bZ4X’s 215HP with AWD. At around 186 inches long, it is about the same size as the current IS, but probably quite a bit roomier. This means it could be replacing both the IS and ES sedans. Although since a new Camry is coming for the 2024 model year, it wouldn’t cost a fortune to offer a redesigned, Hybrid-only, ES for a few more years.

Lexus even showed an actual prototype back in late 2021. But also a whole new lineup of upcoming cars. On the far right, you can get a glimpse of a new 3-row SUV, next to the new RZ.

That day, the IS sedan concept was joined by 3 more versions. 2 wagons were also shown, one seemingly with a higher ground clearance than the other and some cladding around the wheels. Which could mean Lexus intends to compete with the Audi A4 All-Road. And especially, a convertible. That means they are planning to expand the IS into a whole lineup of very modern and sporty EVs.

The last time we saw a new Lexus IS wagon in the US was 2005 when the IS first generation was replaced and the wagon “SportCross” body style was canceled.

I think it still looks really good today. And is probably super rare by now.

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  1. this looks quite good. very tempted by this if the range is good. design is perfection.

  2. The enhanced front and rear overhang in the patent drawings completely ruined this design.

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