2024 Toyota Grand Highlander: the video.

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If you can take it. Here are over 6 full minutes of the new 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander SUV.

As its name implies, the Grand Highnalder sits above the Highlander in Toyota’s US lineup. This means the Highlander is now in a tough spot between the RAV-4 and this new giant. Kind of like the Kia Sorento. Not sure why Toyota seems to have copied the old VW Atlas. Which is really not a good idea. It basically looks like a cross between a RAV-4 and an Atlas.

Powertrains are the same as in most Toyota/Lexus products these days. Most reviewers seem to miss the old V6 smoothness. I guess MPG will be a little bit better in daily driving. Most of its competition still offers super smooth V6 engines.

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  1. Let me predict what will happen. Reviewers like Vince will fawn over the Mazda CX-90 and pan the Grand Highlander. Buyers will buy several times more Grand Highlanders than CX-90s. Reviewers like Vince will continue to be befuddled.

  2. I dont remember “fawning” over the mazda CX-90. When? Where?

    And of course, the Toyota will be more popular. Since Toyota is a much, much larger company than Mazda. Toyota sold over 2.2 million cars in the US last year. While Mazda didn’t even reach 295 000.
    Mazda cannot even produce that many cars.

    It doesn’t mean the Grand Highlander is a better car.

  3. to the commenter “Reviewers like Vince” Why don’t you show us how smart you really are and start your own car blog since you have such vast knowledge and insights to share with the world?

  4. To the commenter, “Why don’t you show us how smart you really are and start your own car blog…”

    Great idea. Glad my “vast knowledge and insights” helped you.

  5. Vince, you have a soft spot for Mazda. Nothing wrong with that, but you bend over backwards for them.
    Your posts about them seems more about personal disappointment than objective criticism. The criticism is there, don’t get me wrong, but you seem to take Mazda’s failings personally.

  6. This might be a ”snooze fest” to you, but to Toyota it is smart move and a money 💴 printing machine. This vehicle is much better positioned compared to the regular “Highlander” to take on the segment leaders and is exactly what Toyota needed to remain relevant in the segment. Like it or not, it will sell well and I predict it will out sell the regular old “Highlander” in due time. In the next few months, I will be in the market for a vehicle in this segment. I checked out and would have never given the “Highlander” serious consideration. It didn’t fit well into the segment and was easily outclassed by the market leaders the Telluride/Palisade combo and other competitors. This vehicle on the other hand appears to be much more competitive now and will be no doubt have to be given serious consideration, not only by me, but by many others looking for something in this segment. That is exactly what Toyota wants happening. I would not be surprised if the regular non grand “Highlander” either goes away entirely or loses its useless third row and becomes a two row going forward.

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