Honda Accord PHEV: new photos.

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Honda will very soon launch a PHEV version of the new 2023 Accord sedan. In China…

It will be powered by a 2.0 Liter engine, just like our regular Hybrid, and will add a 17.7kWh battery for an EV range of over 51 miles. Of course, the EPA figure would be less, but probably still well over 40 miles.

Almost 5 years ago I test-drove the Honda Clarity PHEV. A really great sedan that already offered a 47 miles EV range. During my week with the Clarity I managed to travel for 45 miles in EV mode. And averaging over 53MPG after. That’s what Honda was capable of 5 years ago!

Today, no PHEV for us! Only a good old Hybrid with a 46/41 MPG rating.

A true “new” Honda Accord should have come with a Hybrid powertrain standard and a PHEV as an option. This is really a shame we’re not getting this in North America. The 2023 Accord is already not an all-new car. It also looks like something that was designed many years ago. On top of all this, Honda isn’t offering the PHEV. I do think there is a good chance Toyota will offer the next-generation Camry with a standard Hybrid powertrain, something they are doing in more and more models in the US, with a PHEV as the only upgrade. If the next Camry looks as good as the 2023 Prius, I can see sales of the new Accord freefalling pretty soon.

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  1. Yeah, Honda North America needs to get their act together. They’ve been screwed up since John Mendel showed up from Ford in the early 2000’s. You’re absolutely right. Even if they dont import a lot of the PHEVs, they should be showing up for the big models – Accord, CRV. And the HRV should have the eHEV hybrid system as well as the Civic this year.

    None of that however is going to save this Accord, which is just dull, but salvagable. But it’ll take the Camry showing up for Honda to feel the urge to do anyhing, like paint those ugly silver tusks and put some foglights in the lower front bumper to add ANY visual interest to this Dollar General (read: Cheap AF) design.

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