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The Toyota Camry is still one of the most popular models in the US. With over 295 000 sold last year alone, the Camry is still a powerhouse for Toyota. The current model has been out since the 2018 model year and a new one should be out later this year.

The Camry is always different from generation to generation but mostly stays pretty conservative. The current generation tried to push the envelope a little bit, but, at least to me, just ended up looking like an immature, overworked mess. It never really looked very modern, just very busy. The new Crown sedan is actually a pretty good-looking car. With much simpler lines. It will probably be a failure for other reasons. But the design is actually pretty clean. The best-looking recent Toyota is by far the 2023 Prius. With a very modern and clean design.

Many are expecting Toyota to follow up with a very modern design for the next Camry. And I really think they should. The illustration above seems to show something more like the new Prius than an old fashion Camry redesign. Which would be very nice. And quite the opposite of what Honda did with the 2023 Accord. Which, in my opinion, is a step backward.

With almost 300 000 sold last year, Toyota does have something to lose. They might not want to re-invent a car that still sells very well. Unlike the Prius, which needed something pretty drastic. They might just think the current one is so popular, a slight redesign is only what it needs. Let’s hope not.

I also hope they make a Hybrid standard for the next generation. Which also would be a blow to the super-conservative 2023 Accord. Although it seems the base Accord model might be going away in a year or two anyway. Which will leave a mostly hybrid lineup.

A standard Hybrid with a PHEV option is exactly what Toyota needs for the next Camry. Let’s hope they also make it look more like the 2023 Prius…

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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that rendering is one ugly ducky. There is a reason why the Camry outsells better looking (and handling) cars like the reviewer-favorite, the Mazda 6.

    With the current generation, Toyota has done a decent job straddling both sides of the fence with something a whole lot more stylish than the outgoing model, while still appealing to the non-car enthusiast with its practicality.

  2. i totally disagree with the author of the article about the current and proposed 2024 Camry. The comment about the Camry’s styling was very uncomplimentary. Mine is an advanced technology 2018 XSE with a panoramic roof and red leather interior. It works like a charm! IT’S BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT and expect to purchase the 2024 model when available!

  3. All I can say is that the new Camry should be 192 inches long, 72 inches wide, 60 inches tall for more headroom and has a 120 inch wheelbase to make the cabin roomy and isolated from road noise. I also think that mechanically there should be at least 3 versions. An i.c.e., a hybrid, and fully electric that doesn’t try to look weird for no reason. Inside I think places that support your knees, elbows, arms, head and neck should be well padded. I also preferred the 2018 dashboard where the headunit was integrated into the dash instead of sticking out on top of it. Lastly the front doors of the design do not align well with the front seating position. When the doors are wide open, the handles are difficult to reach even for me at 6 foot 2 inches. On the other hand, cruising at 90mph and getting 39mpg is very impressive.

  4. This front end is atrocious,those round balls of an excuse for a front grill should be cut off,Toyota engineers go back to the clay mounding room and just refine the grill from 2018-2023 with louvers and more of a Lexus look. Like the new EV look on the new EV Cadillac, just refine the look of the square corners and edges that Cadillac engineers are known for. Keep you head up Toyota and cross the line before the competitors.

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