Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness: new teaser.

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It seems like Subaru has found a way to do what so far seemed impossible: add even more black plastic crap to the new 2024 Crosstrek. (bottom pic is the regular 2024 Crosstrek)

A new Wilderness model is coming to the New-York Auto Show on April 5th. Subaru already offers Wilderness versions of the Forester and Outback. The Wilderness package in these other two models adds higher ground clearance, taller springs, and different tires. So there is an off-road advantage over regular versions, but it also comes with about 3 tons more crap-looking plastic cladding all over. Which is probably what will happen to the poor little 2024 Crosstrek.

As you can see, the regular Crosstrek is already covered in that horrible stuff and I just cannot imagine Subaru finding a way to add more. But they did…

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  1. Ok.

    I’m sorry, this is not an attractive look. They will sell tons of them nonetheless.

  2. I love the black plastic crap. Less to worry about. I had a 2021 Crosstrek in 2021 and got hit head-on at 55 mph and I walked out with just neck pain. Airbags deployed the whole shebang car totaled. Subaru definitely has my attention. Now I drive a Subaru Forester wilderness a great ride and I feel safe driving it.

  3. Well, I was seriously considering a 2024 Crosstrek for my kid, however for the price I just made the decision to go with a nice 2023 Subaru Forester Sport model. I love it and for the $2K difference it was well worth it, and not to mention the safety features, even rear brake assistance.

    Vince, get this, I went to buy a 2023 CRV hybrid sport, BUT they are charging at least $2K markup price and at least another $1K in accessories in my area. AND NO BLIND SPOT MONITOR system because Honda doesn’t have them. I wasn’t to crazy about the hybrid so I was gonna pull the trigger on an EX-L (gas) for a MSRP of $35K or so, not including the extra fees from the stealership. BUT guess what? no BSM system either. How these dealerships are charging those crazy fees when interest rates are at best at around 5%? Crazy.
    Are you kidding me Honda, how do you allow extra fees on the stealerships and then building vehicles w/o the BSM. Some 2023 CRV Sport Touring models are being sold w/o that safety system ass well, yes on an almost $40K MSRP vehicle.

    At the end I ran from that Honda stealership and I ended up with a beautiful Subaru for about $1K less than MSRP, plus more discounts from a local Subaru dealership in JAX, FL. Plus three years of safety features like remote start to be use with their app, and 2 years of maintenance, yes all that.

    I also got a $5K markup price for a Toyota Prius.
    And lastly, when I was working prices on the Honda CRV stealership in Daytona FL, it was a Saturday and there was not a single customer besides me. This new Wilderness Crosstrek will sell well, the new info system looks really nice in person too.
    I might still buy a new 2024 Crosstrek Sport in about six months because the safety features and price, not to mention no extra fees, just saying.

  4. Not sure what you are talking about regarding the blid spot monitors. The 2023 CR-V EX-L I was driving for a week has it standard. As I believe all current Hondas.

  5. If you actually drive an off-road vehicle off-road, more black plastic cladding will protect your vehicle against rocks and logs and keep it looking sharp. If you drive an off-road vehicle as a fashion statement to look “outdoorsy”, more black plastic cladding may not make any sense to you aesthetically or otherwise. I think the cladding on the Wilderness Editions looks great and works great, and I wish it came up higher on the doors and sides.

  6. “Not sure what you are talking about regarding the blid spot monitors. The 2023 CR-V EX-L I was driving for a week has it standard. As I believe all current Hondas.”

    Vince, yes the trim level you drove had the BSM as is supposed to. Most CRV don’t have them now because Honda has a shortage of it. Vince, just look at any Honda dealership website and you’ll see that now they display W/O BSM message. Or just call any Honda stealership and they’ll tell you about the shortage of those chips. And on top of it they keep charging $2K-$5K markup prices.

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