Tesla Compact: new spy shots?

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This is another Tesla mystery.

A few weeks ago, we saw a few photos of what appears to be a Mazda CX-30 transformed to look like a small Tesla (3rd pic). Today we have new photos of a possible smaller Tesla prototype, and it doesn’t seem to be the same one we saw earlier. Or is it?

It still wears the Model Y’s 19-inch Gemini wheels, but without aero covers. (The car we saw earlier had the wheel covers on). And the huge plastic cladding from the Mazda CX-30 seems to be gone. Or maybe just covered up. The camouflage pattern is different, which means it’s not exactly the same car anyway.

The new photo doesn’t seem to show any side mirrors either. The interior shot does show something that looks very much like the current Model 3 and Model Y. Even the wood trim is there. Maybe this isn’t the smaller compact car at all, and just the upcoming revised Model Y, code name “Jupiter”.

It’s really hard to say what’s going on. But we already know Tesla is working on revised versions of the Model 3 and Model Y, as well as a smaller compact car. No matter what this is, they are busy testing stuff.

On another note, I watched the very disappointing “Investor Day” yesterday, hoping for something new and interesting to post here. But nothing. No news about any new models. Not even the final version of the Cybertruck.

And worse, still this crazy mention of selling 20 million cars in just a few years. While I’m sure Tesla will keep expanding like crazy in the next few years, 20 million is just a crazy dream. Toyota and VW are each producing around 10 million cars a year. GM is under 7 million.

When asked how many different models it would take to achieve 20 million, Musk answered that he wasn’t sure. “not a lot, maybe 10 or less”. 10 is a lot. and a lot more than what they have now. Honda only offers about 7 models in the US right now. Many others offer less than 10 models. It seems he doesn’t even know that. He claimed that in the future, cars will be like smartphones, with only a few choices compared to all the flip phones that were around years ago. This is wrong since there are still many types of smartphones around from many brands. Not just his iPhone.

He also mentioned there is an unlimited demand for Tesla cars. That the only thing preventing most people from getting one is price, which will be solved with the smaller car and increasing cost savings on other models. That’s all great. But there is NOT an unlimited demand for Teslas. No product from anyone has an “unlimited” demand. Many people don’t want one. Musk seems to live in this bubble where everyone on earth wants a Tesla and will buy one as soon as they can afford it. Which is just not true.

I really think the 20 million cars by 2030 goal for the company is very misguided. I am sure the cheaper model will be extremely popular and could even double the current total sales numbers. Which is currently under 2 million. Even if the other current models become even more popular, this will be very far from 20 million. Especially in just 7 years. That crazy number was still mentioned many times during the presentation.

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  1. This does appear to be a different car. The hood looks lower at center and more in keeping with the electric vs. ICE drivetrain that the MazdaCX30 mule had. Tesla does need to have something under the Model3 as I’m sure they’re already seeing that the ModelS in particular, but also the Model3, sales growth are what’s being eaten by VW, GM and Hyundai-Kia. Musk, however, continues to increase his gas-baggery unphased by reality. But then, Boring Co, HyperLoop… anyone?

  2. They have 6 vehicles already with semi and future cybertruck. A van, compact car, roadster sports car puts them at 9. Maybe a cargo van is 10 or jeep like vehicle.

  3. The semi is not a consumer product. And they only have 2000 orders so far, which will not make a dent towards the 20 million cars goal. Same thing with the Roadster. They sold the 1000 units of the Founder series and so far have closed new orders. At over $200 000 a piece, that car won’t be selling in real numbers either.
    The only real new model will be the compact.Production in big numbers is still about 2 years away. And the revised 3 and Y. Which will be even more popular than they are now.
    Nothing else is on the horizon. 20 million cars in 2030 is a big delusion. And so is the “unlimited demand for Teslas”. In a world where many still don’t want an electric car at all. And among those who do, many just don’t want a Tesla.
    Elon Musk just needs to let the real brains at Tesla run the company and just say nothing for a while.

  4. Elon is like a Richard Branson. He only speaks to get free publicity for his enterprises so the more absurd the better as it gets widely covered. Once you go down that path it is a Ponzi scheme, you need to keep ratcheting up the statements. So if it looks like they will not make 20 million, he will say 25 million!

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