New Cadillac GT4.

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The Cadillac GT4 is a brand-new Cadillac model for the Chinese market. It will not come over here since all new Cadillacs will now be EVs.

Power comes from a 1.5 Liter Turbo with 204HP or a larger 2.0 Liter with 230HP. It’s about 4 inches longer than the new Chevrolet Trax and about exactly the same size as the new Buick Envista. We don’t have more specs yet, but this really looks like a Cadillac version of these other 2 models. Which isn’t such a bad idea. At least it has its own design and interior. I am sure GM will be pretty quiet about this in the US when it actually comes out. Cadillac is working on a smaller electric crossover that will probably be their entry-level model for a while. Unless they decide to keep the poor CT4 sedan around for a bit longer. The CT5 is getting a new front end and interior soon, but I have heard about anything for the CT4.

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  1. This looks really good. I wish Cadillac believed they could design and sell a compact (or whatever this is) here in the US.

  2. “All new Cadillacs will be EVs” are you sure that’s the reason as to why it won’t come here? I see it as a great competitor to the NX, etc

  3. This is attractive and would quickly freshen Cadillac showrooms, draw in some new energy. This car is something US Cadillac dealers could use NOW, especially in an EV setup.

  4. i really wish GM & Stellantis would jump more on the hybrid wagon like Toyota has ruled and ford has tried… Honda on the sidelines just now getting the memo….

  5. 👍 GT4. yes yes and yes
    ( CADILLAC MAN ALL THE way. Little more. Power. PLEASE.

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