New Toyota Crown interiors.

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Toyota has released a new video showing a little bit more of the upcoming new versions of the Crown.

The one we have here is the Crown “Crossover Type”. Even though there is no hatchback and a pretty small trunk opening which means it is not a Crossover at all. Last year they also introduced 3 more versions. The “Sedan Type”, “Sports Type”, which is actually an SUV., And “Estate Type”, which also doesn’t look like a wagon/estate, but more like a large SUV. The naming of the whole range is all wrong.

While we were only allowed to see a few photos of each, we now discover a little bit more of their interiors. And they are basically the exact same interiors as our US “Crossover Type” version. The dashboard seems the same and of course, door panels and such will vary a bit from one version to another. But, at least inside, they look like different versions of the same car. Although it’s another story outside where all 4 models have their own designs. And don’t even look related.

While Toyota still plans to offer the Crown in about 40 countries, there is still no word on any of these other versions being available in the US. I personally think the US model is basically DOA. It has been getting so-so reviews so far and seems to appeal to very few. No one looking for a Crossover will consider a sedan with a small trunk opening. And those considering a sedan would be turned off by some weirdo raised-up thingy. We have enough SUVs over here, please bring the “wagon”.

And Good luck!

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  1. I think that’s true… the Crown in the US is already dead upon launch, leaving Toyota to scratch its head about what went wrong in replacing the Avalon with this. They’ll probably blame the general concept of a raised sedan. But I don’t think the problem is the concept… just like the idea of the Honda Crosstour was good but the execution was terrible. I see the Crown as the Crosstour of 2023, though Toyota will wish it sold even as well as the Crosstour by the time they cancel it.

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