Next-generation Toyota Camry.

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These are the very first spy shots of the next-generation Toyota Camry.

So far with all the camouflage, it is very hard to see how different the new model will look. While the Camry has never had a super exciting design, it actually always looked quite different from one generation to the next. Of course, most of us are expecting some kind of metamorphosis for the Toyota sedan, something similar to the new 2023 Prius. But the Camry is still selling very well and Toyota might not be willing to take a chance. While the Prius desperately needed something drastic to keep it relevant.

The bottom image shows an illustration of what the new Camry could look like. Which is just a guess. The new spy shots don’t give us much info.

Nothing yet as far as the powertrain. But the V6 will probably be dropped, as ai all new Toyota models, and be replaced by a more powerful Hybrid. And, again, like most new Toyota models, a PHEV could be an option. The new Camry is rumored to be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. This is quite a while from now and means we will see plenty of better spy shots until then.


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  1. They are definitely staying with a conventional shape. The Prius needed a boost of extra attention.

  2. Looks like mostly a reskin of the soft areas and not the kind of restyle update the Accord received. That’s unfortunate, because I dont see the Camry as gaining a lot of traction against the Accord with a real reboot. That’s Toyota for ya…. old is good enough.

  3. Ok.

    I hope they didn’t take inspiration from the Crown. Especially around the trunk opening. The Crown is not attractive at all…

  4. It’s definitely not going to look like that bottom render, at least based off the spy photos. If you like the current Camry though, you should be quite happy.

  5. Sorry, Vince. Unless this is only a mule, I think they’re word-gaming you. The hard points in the side-by-side and even the creases in the body work shown around the door handles are all in the same places. Its even wearing the same wheels – just different color. I hope I’m wrong. I love the last pic (illustration).

  6. Looks like it is going to be a reskin of the current car. Let’s not forget that Toyota used the previous generation Camry for 20 years and 3 full models, keeping the entire body structure and the windows the same the whole time. They are pretty good at hiding an old car under new bodywork.

  7. Doug, maybe you don’t know what you’re talking about in relation to your second sentence.

    Not only did I say this was going to be 2025 model in early 2024 to Vince many times, but as you said be a reskin of the current car.

    No Camry has been on the same platform for 20 years.

    The Camry has gone through 5 1/2 platforms since its inception in 1979-80.

    A RWD JDM offering called Celica Camry from January 1980 to 1982, as a stop-gap while a FWD car was developed from 1977 to 1981.

    The first full generation Camry for the 1982 model year and 1983.5 in USA.

    Revised platform in August 1986 for ’87 with V6 and AWD later added.

    2nd platform introduced in mid-1990 as V30 and more premium wider version for export as the US Camry and ES 300 in 1991. Revised in 1996 for XV20. JDM V30 revised as V40 in mid-1994, killed in 1998.

    3rd platform known as the semi-modular “K Platform”, sold from July 2001 to December 2017 on 3 Camry generations (XV30, XV40, XV50).

    4th and current platform, modular TNGA-K sold from July 2017 to present as XV70 Camry, which debuted it.

    I’m not sure what you meant by 20 years, but that’s not correct at all. The Camry has already had only 5 1/2 platforms going back to 1979. Just four platforms if you solely focus on USA from 1983 to 2023.

    2001 to 2017 isn’t 20 years, so IDK what you meant by that at all. I see some people elsewhere suggesting the platform goes back to 2002, that’s BS.

  8. CX

    It’s a final body prototype with temporary pieces on it, so not a mule indeed. This was built in March, so by September or October you’ll see the real thing.

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