2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

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These are much better pix of the new 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe, showing 2 different versions of the new SUV. (The one pausing like a character from “Laurence of Arabia” is probably an XRT model) No specs yet, except it has a longer wheelbase and 21-inch wheels.

The current Santa Fe starts at $29 000, which is quite a deal priced closer to smaller SUVs like the CR-V or RAV-4. The Hybrid starts at around $36 000 and the PHEV model at $42 400. Of course, the new model will probably cost a bit more. And let’s hope the PHEV actually costs a bit less. I am sure Hyudau will emphasize the electrified versions for the new generation and pricing could be very interesting in the US.

I think the new Santa Fe might look really good in person. So far it looks a bit weird in some of the official photos. But I think this is something that could be quite surprising in person. And actually quite a standout in a sea of invisible SUV designs.

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  1. Sure it looks like a Ford Flex married a Defender, but overall it’s still quite individual.

    The interior seems very well done. Stylish and unfussy.

    I’ll have mine with the party lights and occasional table, thanks!

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