MG Cyberster

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These are a few photos of the new MG Cyberster Electric Convertible in the real world as we have seen the official studio pix earlier.

It still seems like a pretty interesting and impressive car in person.

As with many other EVs, the Cyberster will be available in RWD or dual-motor AWD versions. With 310HP or 540HP. CarWow UK estimates the price to start at around $65 000 in the UK. Which is quite expensive, or about twice a base Mazda Miata. And even a bit more than a base BMW Z4.

I guess the market would be someone who truly wants something original and a bit weird.

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  1. Thankfully the yoke steering wheel didn’t make it into production. I like this a lot, although it would have looked better with smaller ‘MG’ badges!

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