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Infiniti just released a teaser photo o their upcoming QX Monograph Concept.

The concept is expected to be a close preview of the next-generation QX 80 luxury SUV. The current, second generation came out in 2011! You would think that after all these years a production model would be ready. But no. All we will be seeing next week is a concept.

Infiniti is quickly becoming a zombie brand that very few people even remember. It’s just not on the map of most buyers anymore and they have only themselves to blame. The new QX 60 looks pretty nice and has been getting good reviews in general, but it seems it came too late to turn things around, with only 14 868 units sold so far this year. (Acura sold over 36 000 units o the MDX this year ).

With only slightly over 7000 units sold in 2022, the QX80 is not going to put Infiniti back on the map either…

Good luck.

2024 Infiniti QX80 illustration

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  1. Pretty sad what has happened to Infiniti. The problem is product. Right now, outside of the well received, but slow selling QX 60, they don’t have any compelling models. Their one other compelling model, the Q60 coupe was discontinued. The Q50 sedan is 9 years old and wasn’t a big hit. The QX50 is about 6 years old now and wasn’t well received or loved. The QX55 was meant to be the spiritual successor to the old FX models. It is a far cry from the FX and wasn’t well received. The QX 80 as you pointed out is 12 years old! Ancient and long overdue for replacement!

    I blame Ghosn and the mess he left behind. Nissan barely survived and only recently has gotten into better financial shape. Unfortunately, it might be foo late to help Infiniti. Unless they do something drastic such as make Infiniti an EV only brand, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nissan shut Infiniti down.

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