Chinese Ford Explorer

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Ford revised the Explorer inside and out for the Chinese market a few months ago. But I had never seen this ultra-luxury version before.

There’s a new 2 tone exterior with gold trim (!). The interior even has these cheezy headrest pillows we usually see in high-end Mercedes models like the S-Class

and EQS.

The super widescreen is so far only available in China.

While our US Explorer will be updated for the 2025 model year (pushed back from 2024) it won’t be getting the same interior design as the revised Chinese model.

Unlike the new Lincoln Nautilus, the Explorer is not only built in China and the ones sold in the US come from Kentucky. Which means there can be different versions for both countries. The Nautilus is now only built in China and shipped to the US.

I think the eUS version is an improvement over the current model and probably not as cheezy as the new Chinese model.

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