2024 Lincoln Nautilus: now from China.

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Lincoln has unveiled an all-new Nautilus SUV for the 2024 model year.

If the new Nautilus seems a bit familiar, it’s mostly because we have seen many spy photos of it from China. Unlike the revised 2023 Corsair, which has different versions for the US and China, the new Nautilus is the same in both countries. And that’s because it is only built in China.

While the previous generation was built in Ontario, the new one is now a Chinese import just like the Buick Envision and Volvo S90. This is why it has the super widescreen setup so popular in China right now. Which is very similar to what Ford/Lincoln already offers thee in the new Ford Evos and Mondeo, and Lincoln Zephyr. While the Cosrair sold in the US comes from Kentucky and has a different interior design than the Chinese version built locally. With the new Nautilus, we are basically inheriting a car designed for the Chinese market.

Besides all this, I was at first really turned off by the new Nautilus interior. As I am really not a fan of these super wide screens stretching from one end of the dash to the other, which appear to be very distracting and actually dangerous. Especially if the screens are far away and right below the windshield like in the Nautilus. Plus there’s yet another one on the center console! Which is pretty crazy.

And yet, I think the whole thing might end up looking quite luxurious in the flesh. And actually pretty original, at least in the US, where it’s still pretty unique. Although I’m not sure if the rather conservative Lincoln audience will embrace it. That and the square steering wheel. (Again, why?). But I have to admit, the whole thing makes the previous interior looks a bit low rent now.

The new Nautilus comes with standard AWD and a 2.0 Liter Turbo engine with 250HP. A Hybrid with 310HP is a $1500 option. The base “Premiere” model starts at $50 415. If you’d like a better stereo and a sunroof you’ll have to get a $6500 package.

Other versions available are “Reserve” at $54 750 and “Black Label” for $74 465. The current 2023 Model starts at $44 825. (Most people could say that’s a huge bump in price for something built in China…)

The larger Explorer-based Aviator is still around and starts at $53 340 and still has the advantage of offering 3 rows of seats.

A revised Lincoln Aviator for 2024 has already been spotted testing in the US and does not appear to have the massive screen setup seen in the 2024 Nautilus. Since the Aviator sold in North America is built in Illinois. The Chinese-built version will probably, just like the Corsair, get the huge double screen set up for its local market.

Lincoln only sold a bit over 20 000 units of the Nautilus last year. Which is about 10 000 fewer than the “forgotten by most” Nissan Murano. And a fraction of the Lexus RX sales. This is actually why the new one is coming from China. It would have not been worth it designing a US-specific interior and the Ontario factory is transforming itself to build the next generation Ford EVs in 2025. This 2024 Nautilus is basically a stop-gap to keep the current generation customers coming back and maybe pick up a few more before a new Lincoln EV is ready.

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  1. My wife has owned two, it will not be 3. We will not be buying a Ford product again. I think people here like great jobs, build them here, help the U.S. not our enemy.

  2. WHY does Lincoln (I’ve had three, my first was a new Mk VII when I was 35-yrs old) think US Buyer’s would NOT want the “Chinese” high-tech inst panel???

    We lead the world in tech DEVELOPMENT, just not LOWEST COST production. I’m in market for my next vehc. Buy AMERICAN is the new theme, BRING & PRODUCE IT HERE! The new Nautilis is a VERY competitive vehicle! And will be for a full product cycle. It’s the ideal translation stop-gap. I have no intention of buying a BEV until there are more charging stations than Mc Donald’s and Starbucks combined.

    The new built in NA Aviator would be of interest IF Ford changes Aviator’s exterior to new “Lincoln-look” AND brings along the latest (Chinese Nautilus’) high-tech instrument panel and the ever-more useful nerve-center expansive visual interface for: traffic / route / WX info; iOS / Android / et. al. interfaces; vehc sys status; & audio (and right-seat pass) video entertainment; all CONCURRENTLY displayed, I WILL look elsewhere.

    The Nautilus would be consideration (it actually is ideally-sized) but ONLY IF built in NA and OFFERS an optional “sport” (check out competitions high-HP offerings – they ALL have them) engine over 365HP (my current MKT EB), otherwise the described Aviator would be the only Linc of interest.

    Okay, I feel better, Lincoln knows what it has to do to RE-earn my business.

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