2023 Lincoln Corsair: Vs. the Chinese version…

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The Lincoln Corsair just got a few changes for the 2023 model year a few weeks ago. At almost the same time we also saw a couple of photos of a very different Chinese market model.

The Chinese version also got some changes for 2023. Making it look quite different from the US version. Which is kind of weird. Today we are getting spy shots of the interior. While the door and seats seem to be the same in both versions, the dashboard and console are very different.

The main difference in the US model for 2023 is a wider screen. The Chinese model seems to be getting a whole new dash and console design. As well as a brand-new steering wheel design. Hard to tell about the new dash, but the console does seem more upscale in the Chinese version. And the screens seem to be covering the whole width of the dashboard. Similar to other Chinese market Ford products like the new Fusion/Mondeo/Evos.

With about 27 000 units sold last year in the US, the Corsair isn’t super popular. Lexus sold over 58 000 units of the NX in 2021. But Lincoln did sell over 45 000 Corsairs in China last year. Which might explain the more extensive revisions.

Again, it seems the US is just an afterthought for a classic American brand. This is a little bit weird…

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  1. Very odd considering the popularity of the Bronco Sport and Maverick. I actually love the Corsair, but was just too expensive. This light refresh doesn’t help things as it already had a great design. I guess they are going back to not offering fog lights again…

  2. They are doing the smart thing by giving different design details for each market. The chinese version clearly doesn’t suit western tastes, at least its exterior. To me, those blacked-out front and taillights have a generic and vulgar look at the same time. Then there is the larger grille, and you just know there is led on that black strip running across it. The interior however looks cleaner, even though i’m not a fan of whole-dashboard screens.. and those haptic buttons on the steering wheel are awful to use.

  3. You just can’t blame the designers (and you aren’t). Read up and research renderings of the Edsel that top management passed over. The initial result was pretty poor compared to what could have been. The designers work for management and marketing, not for the consumer. Edsel could have had the Pontiac mid 60s+ look, years before Pontiac. I think most everyone would agree that those Pontiacs looked very good.

    If your boss says “Nope”, then you come up with something the boss likes.

    If this is an afterthought in the US, blame the top brass and not the foot soldiers.

  4. both versions are actually nice looking if a bit generic. One of the reasons for the poor sales is the pricing, this thing starts at just under $40K and goes into the $60Ks. it’s nice but not special enough for that price point… why would anyone get this over the Genesis GV70, Audi Q5, GLC, etc.
    I think we will see more of the large screen dashboards across many makes/models – it’s got to be less expensive and complicated to manufacture a large wide screen instead of individual gauges, mini screens and a screen. And with simple software changes, Lincoln can create different look/feel to the dashboard, Out of the ones I’ve seen so far, Cadillac’s is the best because of its curved shape

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