2022 Ford Mondeo: for China only…

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As predicted, the all-new generation Ford Mondeo (Fusion in the US) will only be sold in China. Where it was designed.
At least for now… Since it might still come to Europe someday. But not to the US.
While it does look quite nice, I am not sure it looks much better than the previous generation. Which is still a great-looking sedan after all these years. And I think the new one would also look better with a body-colored roof. (Which might actually be available)
There is almost a “4 door Mustang” vibe in the profile. Especially below the windows.
As you can see, it is obviously sharing a platform with the new Ford Evos. As well as the new Lincoln Zephyr.
These 3 models also have very similar dashboards inside. 
A PHEV version of this would have been nice…


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  1. Ford should definitely bring this to the US, as a hybrid-only/ PHEV option. Much improved over the old Fusion that was way to 2010 looking against the current competition. And maybe add an AWD wagon too.

  2. Overall it's not bad. The square shapes underneath the headlights are an interesting decision. It doesn't flow with the rest of the design. The light above the grill is interestingly cool. The rear isn't my favorite personally, and the c pillar looks a tad smushed as does the trunk space. Of course sedans will go everywhere but North America. Sad.

  3. Ugh, we are better off without it. The (previous) Fusion is a much cleaner and more advanced design than this.

  4. I see they are carrying over Mustang-styled rear taillights. Is that going to become a thing now officially?

    Overall, it's okay. I don't like the black roof. From the side, it reminds me of a cheaper sedan. Maybe from the likes of Nissan…

  5. Leaving money on the table, Ford. This would be a nice addition for those who don't want to be forced into a truck/suv here in the States…

  6. This would make a great Hybrid/ EV for the US but probably not enough profit for Ford like their SUV and trucks bring in.

  7. I still think the current (latest) Fusion looks great except for the weird chrome pieces they put into the taillights. The 2018 was the best.

    This new Chinese Mondeo has a lot I want to like, but there's just something off with the execution in each of the photos. I feel like it needs to be sent to another of Ford's design studios to be cleaned up (proportions, consistency, flow, etc.).

    Maybe it's better in person.

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