Fisker Ocean hands-on video.

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The “Fisker Lounge” finally opened in L.A. a few weeks ago and I finally got to see the new Fisker Ocean in the flesh. I made this short “hands-on” video to share my thoughts about the all-new EV.

Although I had seen it in person at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, it was an early prototype and we couldn’t get inside. The new store at “The Grove” outdoor mall was supposed to open last November.

In person, the new Fisker Ocean is very impressive. It looks very modern and everything seems very solid and very well put together. This could be a very strong competition to the Tesla Model Y. The 2 cars on the floor were of course loaded “with all options”Extrem” models for almost $70 000. Which means they probably cost over $ 60,000. I would really like to see the base model priced at $ 37,500.

The Ocean is built in Austria and therefore, doesn’t qualify for federal incentives. The Tesla Model Y starts at $ 47,000 but comes down to $ 39,500 once you include the federal incentives. The Tesla is also loaded with everything, including a glass roof and an amazing 14-speaker sound system.

Fisker has mentioned the Ocean could eventually be built in the US but that will take a few years. Once it does, the base model could then be a very inexpensive sub-$30 000 SUV.

So far, it’s already very, very nice. It’s a tough EV world out there, and I wish them success.

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