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After test-driving the new 2023 Honda Accord Touring a few weeks ago, I was wondering if a cheaper model, like this 1.5 Liter EX, would actually be a better deal. Since I wasn’t really crazy about the loaded Touring model, especially for $39,000.

The EX is about $8000 cheaper, which is a huge difference. But is it that much worse? While a full review is coming soon, I made this quick “hands-on” video showing the exterior and interior of the car. And I must say, the $8000 difference is really not obvious. Sure, the Bose system sounds better, but the EX’s stereo sounds pretty good. No leather seats are actually a plus in my opinion.

I still think the 2023 Accord is a step back in every direction from the previous generation, and the less you spend on it the better… Or better yet, a slightly used previous generation would be even better.

HAs any of you driving the new Accord? What do you think?

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