2025 Lucid Gravity

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Lucid just released the first official teaser for the upcoming Lucid Gravity electric SUV.

From what we can see in the teaser, it does match the design shown in various photos available on the Lucid website since last year.

Back in 2021, Lucid had mentioned 2023 as a start date for the production of the Gravity. It is now late 2024 as a 2025 model year. Which is just a year late.

We saw the “Project Gravity” concept in 2020, and from recent spy shots we’ve seen it looks like a few changes have been made to the reproduction version, which is always expected. We will have to wait until next month to see if these changes ruined the futuristic design or not.

The current base price for the Ludic Air is $ 77,400. The Gravity is expected to cost more but could still start at just over $ 80,000. Which would put it in direct competition against the mighty Ricvian R1S, starting at $ 78,000.

It will be interesting to see how well received the new Gravity will be. The Rivian has so far collected excellent reviews from almost everyone.

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