2025 Lucid Gravity

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Lucid has been seeing testing the 2025 Gravity SUV. We first saw the Lucid Gravity concept 3 years ago.

From what we can see in these recent spy shots, it looks like some changes have been made to the original futuristic design, in order to make it not so futuristic. Or so it seems although the prototypes are still covered in clever camouflage.

The new Gravity is supposed to be introduced this November, which sounds a lot like the Los Angeles Auto Show. And is scheduled to go into production about a year later.

Lucid recently cut its price on the Lucid Air sedan which now starts at $82 400. While much cheaper than ever, it is still quite a bit more than the newly priced Tesla Model S. The Model S is also a loaded car with faith features like a high-end 21-speaker sound system and glass roof not available on the base model Lucid Air.

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  1. Boy! You weren’t kidding, Vince. The concept does seen dated and somewhat reminiscent of Rivian products. So I get why they changed it. I DONT get why they changed it to something that looks like Chevy (front)+Acura (rear hearse), cuz this could be an important product for them… or the end.

  2. I love the look! Cant wait till it’s out. With there track record of range this is going to be hard to beat. Love that they kept the lucid front end look.

  3. While I do love the sides and back, the front’s look is too be desired. Looks way too platic and toy like than futuristic. Not enough design wise going on with the front end for any curb appeal. As a believer and stock holder in this company I believe yall can do better to be more competitive, that includes “desired designs”. Tesla took up the plastic mold look. Even though it was dark wing duck ugly. It was successful because it was different. Lucid dare to be different!

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