New Honda Prelude secrets!

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While watching a few videos of the new upcoming Honda Prelude, I was surprised to see how high the truck opening was. Something I had noticed on the Acura Integra while I had one to test drive for a week. One of these videos was from AutonetMagz, where you can actually see a bit through the darkened windows.

And you can obviously tell the car is actually a hatchback. Just like the Integra. That’s why the “trunk” opening seems so small and so high.

The same video also shows a very blurry photo taken of the interior. Again through these very dark windows from the show floor (great work!)

It’s hard to say how different the Prelude interior will be from the Civic. So far, the screen seems exactly the same. Acura was able to modify the interior quite a bit for the Integra, but the connection with the Civic is still quite obvious. That might be the case with the Prelude.

It’s kind of funny that Honda was able to show a concept that almost everyone thought was an EV, when in fact, it will mostly be a Civic Hybrid Coupe, which is just fine. And by the way, that “Concept’ looks like it’s nothing more than the production car with darker windows… Maybe the wheels will be different and in true Prelude fashion, some sort of a sunroof or glass roof will be standard.

The return of 2 door coupes is great news. And a hybrid with a practical hatchback can only help.

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  1. I was all excited for a new Honda Prelude EV coupe. But now I see that all I am getting is a Hybrid/CVT Civic coupe. Who wants THAT?? Why bother?

  2. Just a few months ago, some people would be complaining this wasn’t a BEV. They would be saying how Honda and Toyota for that matter are missing the boat when it comes to EVs. The narrative has changed. Turns out Honda and Toyota were right.

    This car looks kind of boring. I was expecting more with the Prelude badge.

  3. Tbh, the new Prelude concept side profile looks a whole lot like all the renders did of the then yet to be introduced Integra, when everyone thought it would be a 2dr coupe. To my eye, it also looks like a cross between a Toyota Prius and the natural evolution of the 10th gen Civic coupe.

  4. 4 door prelude…. 🙁 no thanks… not EVERY tuner car from the 90s needs a modern 4door sedan redesign. Whats next, a 4 door del sol lol….

  5. First they copied the older Prius when styling the old Insight. Now they copy the new Prius for this new Prelude. Nice, Honda.

  6. I think this car will be pretty quick. Quicker than the Civic Si. As you can see, it has some pretty big brembo brakes & sportier tires that comes standard on sports cars like the likes of the Civic Type R, BMW X5M, & the Audi RS5.

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