2025 Toyota Camry

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Toyota dropped another teaser for the new generation 2025 Camry

This doesn’t say much about the design but tells us that the AWD model will also be available as a hybrid. Which will be a new combo for the Camry.

Otherwise, here is the short official word:

  • The next-generation Toyota Camry will make its debut on November 14th at 10 PM Easter time. Stay tuned for more.

Next week will be a busy week for Toyota, with a new Camry on the 14th and an all-new Crown SUV the same day. This brings to mind an interesting thought: Why don’t they name the new Crown SUV the “Camry Cross” for the US market instead of “Crown SUV”? Is the name “Crown” so great? “Camry” has been a very trusted name by millions for decades in North America. The Camry sedan is still selling very well with almost 300 000 sold last year alone. A “Camry Cross” seems like a no-brainer to me, if you really must have another SUV in your lineup.

Anything, except another “Crown”…

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  1. I agree that a Camry Cross would be a more logical option in terms of name recognition in the US, but it also limits the perception of how much a Camry Cross should cost.. with the Crown Cross or SUV name they can likely charge a higher price and not compete head to head with their own Venza and Highlander.

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