2025 Toyota Camry

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The top photo is Toyota’s first official teaser for the new 2025 Camry.

It only mentions: “A New Dawn is Coming”. And “Can you guess what’s on the horizon?”

Well, yes, we pretty much can guess it’s the new Camry. Although even in this darkened photo, it looks surprisingly similar to the current model (blue car). It seems the side mirrors are exactly the same. It also looks like there are, again, huge air intakes on the sides.

I was really hoping to see something similar to the really nicely designed 2023 Prius, but it seems this will have the same proportions. I guess most illustrations we’ve seen of the next Camry are wrong, except the most boring and predictable ones.

Since there teasing this now, I would expect to see the real thing at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month, as rumored a few months ago.

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  1. All of the clad-disguise test cars have had the exact same hardpoints as the current model. That TNGA platform is still in use and Toyota’s isn’t going to put the money into what they feel is perfectly acceptable. So, don’t look for a new Prius silouette. My own expectation is it will be lightly revised, with the corporate “hammerhead” front design theme and will look a lot like the other Toyota sedans from behind. But I do expect powertrain hybrid upgrades similar to the Prius, and that there will still be a base fully gas version. Toyota isn’t a company that is about surprises. You want all different? Wait for their solid state BEVs – but to be honest, I think they’d be smart to get those into their PHEVs right off the bat and have 100-200 mile range fully electric with gas-backup.

  2. I love Toyotas Period. Have had a one in the household since the 70s. Love Camry also but have never owned one. Currently have 3 different Toyota SUVs Ali & Shireen Akbari. Benz but prefer Toyota over Benz.

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