2024 Toyota Camry: new illustration.

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We already know there will be a new Toyota Camry for 2024. As well as a new RAV-4.

This new illustration shows what the next-generation Camry could look like. It basically could go either way. It could be a very similar design to the current model, or Toyota could “go nuts” and pull a 2023 Prius on us and come up with a stunning new design for eh mid-sized sedan. The Camry is still a very popular car for Toyota in the US and they might not want to rock the boat. While the Prius really needed to be re-invented.

Either way, the new Camry will probably focus on the Hybrid versions. With a new PHEV model being available. I still think the Hybrid could be standard, which would give it a big advantage over the 2023 Honda Accord. The V6 will be gone. And as usual these days for ICE models, it will be a redesign based on the current platform.

Still, I think it wouldn’t be too hard for Toyota to come up with something better looking than the 2023 Accord

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  1. To look like that it would mean a big hike in price which is unlikely as the Camry is the worlds favourite cab and Uber vehicle. Why go too upmarket? It’s already flashier now than ever before. The Crown is the premier Toyota model. And then there is Lexus.

  2. Great potential design for Toyota, and reducing the overized mouth! If the redesign looks like this, I can see a lot of Honda faithful defecting to the Camry. This is modern and is closer to what the Integra should have been. Toyota would only need to also made the interiors look less cheap, for the win.

  3. With Honda going the ultra conservative route with the Accord, and especially the Civic, it wouldn’t take much for the Camry to really wow some people. After seeing a new Prius on the road for the first time yesterday, I have to say the Prius now has some real road presence now. The size and proportions are pretty much perfect. I would love to see a similar thing happen with the new Camry.

  4. Latest Honda Accord looks like an outdated FordTaurus/Ford Contour. I’d definitely welcome this sleek design!

  5. The illustration shows good design integrity. Well done! Why can’t ‘mainstream’ cars be beautiful too? After all, it costs the same to stamp out beautiful sheet metal parts as unattractive ones. It just takes good initial design! Toyota, I sense a design renaissance of a sort with your new Prius. Please continue this spirit with the Camry. Thank you.

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