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These new illustrations show a very different design for the 2024 Camry than what I posted a few months ago.

It is actually more realistic and blends current Toyota design cues with stuff we saw previously in some of their EV concepts. Which does make sense. Unfortunately.

That big rounded up scoop in front of the rear wheel just looks awful on the Highlander. Same thing here.

The greenhouse resembles the previous generation Corolla. Which isn’t great. I think Toyota’s recent designs have been more angular than this. This might be good news for those of us hoping for a more dynamic-looking Camry for 2024. Since the next-generation Honda Accord will be much more conservative than the current model, Toyota will have a chance to actually stand out.

The next Camry will still be a huge deal for Toyota with over 313 000 sold last year alone. 

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  1. The rear of the car kinda gives me the thought of a modern interpretation of the early to mid 90s toyota camry rear profile lights and all with the spelled out camry logo as well

  2. What a disappointing design. The split level front light area is a busy mess. The soft, bulging area that swoops up to the rear fender through the rear door is similar to the Highlander, Sienna and the Supra, is a blobular mess… particular in the 'bar of soap' resolution at the corners of the rear bumper. That is lazy design and looks like they ran out of time.

  3. I never liked the swept up bulging rear fender on the Highlander or Sienna, but absolutely love it on the refreshed Lexus IS. This iteration looks way more like the IS than the Highlander or Sienna. I like that illustration better than the current Camry tbh. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. I like this illustration, especially the second photo with the rear end view.
    Hopefully the interior gets an interesting and tasteful redesign.
    Something such as the interior of the nissan maxima/ Altima.

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