2025 Audi A5.

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These illustrations give us an idea of what the 2025 Audi A5 sedan will look like. They seem pretty realistic and mostly match the spy shots I’ve already seen of the upcoming redesigned Audi sedan.

The A5 will also come as a wagon, and in general, will replace the A4 line. I haven’t heard of the coupe and convertible coming back at all, but the sedan/hatchback and wagons will make the transition. The next A4 will be an EV. While the A5 will be ICE and hybrid only.

The exterior seems to follow Audi’s trend of “not too different”. While the interior is quite a departure from the current sedan. It will have the usual super widescreen but it is pretty sharply curved, which does look much more upscale and modern than what Genesis has done with the revised 2024 GV80. (and all the upcoming models).

I think that the interior will look pretty nice when we see the real thing. They also did a good job and keeping an Audi feel land style. It is actually very similar to the new Q6 EV interior.

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  1. Boring. Audi needs to differentiate themselves from VW more. They all look alike. If I’m spending 60k+ on a car, I don’t want it looking like a VW.

  2. Well, I’m glad those are just the illustrations cos they look not very nice. I do like the interior though, similar to upcoming Q6. Also Audi do need to differentiate themselves from VW cars honestly, I mean Audi is competing with the Mercedes and BMW.

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