2025 Audi A6 Avant e-Tron.

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For those of us who loved the 2022 Audi A6 Avant e-Tron concept, the production version will be quite a disappointment.

It seems Audi designers did all they could to remove any personality from the concept and concentrated all their efforts on making sure the final product looked like any other Audi wagon from the past 20 years. You can tell the production model is “influenced” by the concept, but that’s about it, as it looks more like a “regular” Audi wagon. Something we’ve seen many times before.

The sad thing is, it will probably look just fine and be a good-looking sleek wagon, but the striking concept made us wish for more, much more. This seems like such a missed opportunity. Is there any hope of ever seeing a really modern-looking Audi that doesn’t look like a refresh from a previous model?

Carcoops mentions the new Audi will have 375HP with a 373-mile range from a 100kWh battery pack. The 373 miles will shrink closer to 340 or 330 once the EPA is done testing the car. And of course, a dual-motor version will also be available.

Audi has also been testing the wagon version of the next-generation A4, which will now be called A5. (All odd numbers will now be used for EVs). And it looks pretty much like the new A6 e-Tron wagon in the photo above. Which, again, is nice but also sad.

Of course, I understand design being “toned down” for production, and it almost always happens. But the Audi concept, while very modern, wasn’t that futuristic in the first place. The wonderful rear roof spoiler design is all gone. And so is the very dynamic C-pillar. And yes, the final product will look much better than the camouflaged prototype driving around. And I probably change my mind and love it…

Who knows…

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