2025 Honda Odyssey.

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2025 Honda Odyssey illustration.

Next spring, the current generation Honda Odyssey will be 7 years old. Which is pretty, pretty old. It is about as old as the Chrysler Pacifica, although Chrysler has some sort of an excuse since it’s been in a coma for years with no new models coming out.

Its other competitor, the Toyota Sienna was redesigned in 2020, and the Kia Carnival was also new that same year.

The Honda Odyssey sales numbers are going down every year. from around 99,000 in 2019, to under 48,000 last year. While the Sienna sales went up to over 107,000 in its first full year in 2021. That’s what a new design will do for you: sell more cars.

The Honda Odyssey is obviously due for a redesign, which could be coming since it is based on the same platform as the Pilot, which was new this year. And the Passport, which will be new next year. I think a more attractive and modern Odyssey could find a larger audience. Although Honda will only have their good old 3.5 Liter V6 to power it. While Toyota is making the news by using a standard Hybrid powertrain. At least the Honda V6 is the smoothest choice.

Is a next-generation Honda Ridgeline next? Stay tuned…

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  1. It’s not just that it was a new Sienna in ’20, it was also that it was a hybrid and gets 36 mpg.

  2. If it looked like the illustration above, it would be the best looking minivan available too. For too long, Honda has clung to the Lightning Bolt on the side. This would be a nice transition for that out-dated design element. And people are still buying Honda’s V6’s.

  3. Amazing virtual design aside, if it were a PHEV like the Pacifica or at least standard hybrid like the Sienna, I couldn’t trade my ’18 in fast enough. This design is a no brainer.

  4. Honda would do well to have AWD on this. Virtually all of the Pacificas and Siennas I see on the road that have been recently bought are AWD.

  5. Looks good, but also like the previous generation Civic. Good to see an evolution instead of a deletion of the lightning bolt.

  6. Remember too the odyssey is a far smaller, more car like mini van in most other markets, so this is potentially the evolution of that vehicle not the US version.

  7. I don’t think Honda even employs auto designers, they’re so far behind Hyundai, it’s not funny.

  8. Please it must have a new fresh like SUV design like the Kia Carnival, We really, really Preferred an All Wheel Drive, 360 View 3 D Camera, entertainment in the back seat, folding Mirror, Tire monitoring system with indicating which tire needs Air individually, keep the push button Shifter, we love that Kia Carnival Turn Signal Screen, Moonroof, Very Widerrrr Tires like 225 Width, NO HYBRID, STICK WITH SMOOTH V6 GAS ONLY. MORE COLOR RED OR BLUE. SPECIALLY YELLOW.THANK YOU!

  9. We had a 2021 Honda Oddessy. Never sold a car faster than that. The Toyota Sienna is a far better car. Honda needs to overhaul the engine, handling and make the new one AWD before they can compete with the Sienna

  10. I have been a Honda fan for several decades, have had 7 different Hondas, wife has had 3 and my parents 5. Over the years Honda has lost in my view significant ground to the competition due to decontenting *take a look at the new Civics and CRVs* and in general poor marketing decisions – CRZ, Insight, lack of hybrid options, etc. I am in my first Toyota Rav4 and enjoy it. My wife will soon be getting a new Corolla Cross hybrid as she dislikes her new Civic. Come on Honda, shape up

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