2025 Mini Cooper JCW EV.

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The John Copper version of the new 2025 Mini is losing its edge in the new EV world.

While the JCW version of the new 2025 Mini Countryman has a big upgrade in power with a 2.0 Liter engine producing 312HP, the JCW version of the new electric Mini SE has zero power upgrade. Which is odd.

All you get is a bunch of skirts, scoops, fake vents, and that horrible huge spoiler in the back. You also get a lot of red bits inside and out. And while the seats look a bit different, they don’t seem to offer any extra bolstering over the regular Mini Cooper S EV, at least in these photos. Somehow it seems Mini wasn’t able to squeeze any more power from the electric motor and battery available. And the JKW is now just becoming a visual package with larger wheels.

The new ICE Countryman JKW is priced at $ 48,000, which is a $9000 premium over the regular S model, but at least it does come with an extra 71HP. I’m not sure how much more this new John Cooper Works version of the electric Mini will be, but it won’t be “the works” at all.

At least, your envious neighbors will believe you’re driving a much faster car, and that must be worth it for many, I guess…

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  1. They need to call it “JCW Sport” or “JCW Line” or something since it’s just an appearance package.

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