Alfa-Romeo GTV EV.

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In an interview previously mentioned, Alfa-Romeo CEO Jean Philippe Imperato not only mentioned the upcoming, next-generation, Giulia EV and Stelio EV, but also a possible future Alfa GTV.

The previous generation was produced from 1994 to 2004. However, the most famous GTV model was the earlier version based on the Alfetta sedan and produced from 1974 to 1987. That model was also sold in the US and was designed by the great Giorgio Giugiaro.

The next generation would have to be heavily based on the next Giulia sedan since a viable business case for an all-new 2 door coupe is pretty hard to make these days. A new two-door fastback coupe from Alfa-Romeo would also end up being closely related to the next-generation Dodge Charger EV since both models would use the STLA platform. The new Charger is also a hatchback. These two new Stelantis models could end up sharing a lot.

No matter what, a new Alfa GTV and Dodge Charger would give Stelantis 2 new coupes, which is, I think, more than anyone these days.

Mr.Imperatio also mentioned a new Spider convertible. We will be talking about this very soon…

1980 Alfetta GTV
2003 GTV

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