Alfa-Romeo Giulia EV.

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Alfa-Romeo Giulia EV illustration.

Alfa-Romeo CEO, Jean Philippe Imperato recently mentioned the Giulia replacement will indeed be a sedan and not a new SUV with the Giulia name. Which is great news.

Two new models will be launched in 2025 and 2026, one of them being the new Giulia. (That second model is probably the Stelvio replacement). An even larger SUV is coming in 2027.

Imperato also mentioned a Giulia wagon or something in between a sedan and a wagon. “Maybe there’s a tipping point between the sedan and the station wagon. With a new Giulia, maybe we can have the best of both worlds.” That just sounds like a hatchback sedan to me…

The new Giulia EV will of course be based on Stelantis’ new STLA EV platform, and power will start at 345HP. With 790HP for the sporty Veloce model. With an insane Quadrifolio model with 986HP! That sounds very similar to the new Dodge Charger EV coming soon.

EV range is scheduled to be up to 435 miles on the European test cycle.

The Tesla Model 3 proved the sedan market isn’t dead, and is even more popular in the EV world. The Kia EV6 is out and the VW ID.7 is coming soon. We’ll see how popular they get over time. And both VW and Mercedes are planning more electric sedans.

And, apparently, Alfa is also considering a new GTV and Spider based on the STLA platform!

More on this very soon…

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  1. More HP, means more electricity, means more pollution whether fossil fuels or wind mills, hydro or geothermal.

    I hope the next step is the banning of 790 HP road vehicles. Complete nonsense. These companies talk a good game, but just push the whole point out of sight. “But, you don’t have to use all 790 HP”. No you don’t. But you will. And if you do, you will be plugging in more often. Green? You are a joke if you believe that.

    You are taking the power from the electrical grid that cannot be used by someone else. The grid in not infinite. But, you get to tell yourself you are good person. When in fact you are nothing but a lie. Lying to yourself, lying to everyone else.

  2. Beautiful car. Its what I envision a new Mazda6 to look like. And totally agree with the HP race in EVs is the equivalent of monster-trucks for the poorly endowed.

  3. Dejal, just so you know, EVs still only polute 1/4 as much as gas cars if your grid runs on coal. Which it doesn’t. Peak coal was 100 years ago in the 1920s.
    I wouldn’t fret too much about 800hp either. You can only use that for a few seconds before you are stuck doing the same speed as everyone else anyway. Life is not an endless empty highway, even if car commercials say it is

  4. Les, there is also an arms race in cars which isn’t engine power. Its size and weight. Intuitively, people know that a regular sedan next to a lifted 5000lb SUV is going to lose in a crash. You feel it when people pull up behind you and their headlights beam at your roofline. This also drives people to SUVs (heavier). So car crash standards increased, and the windows got smaller, the dashes became bigger, and they felt more like small SUVs, without any of its benefits. I expect the same will happen as battery cars with MORE MORE MORE power become heavier, faster, and more dangerous. It will push car design into a direction that will kill bodystyle options… all bcuz someone wanted a 1000hp e- drive car that they’ll only use hooning and endangering others. And, grids, while not on coal… are becoming strained already by modern demands and “smart” devices. My local utility is already incentivizing home solar to lessen peak demand = less wiring and capacity to have to push.

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