Future Chrysler models.

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The last time we heard official news about Chrysler’s future models was back in May, as far as I know.

When they announced the Airfow concept didn’t represent the future of Chrysler anymore. There is still a new EV planned for 2025 but it will look more like an SUV. Or not… It is said to look much more modern than the Airflow concept.

The 2 illustrations above show what a “more like an SUV” first Chrysler EV could look like. Although the second one looks more like a Chinese EV sedan.

Since we live in an SUV world, I am sure Chrysler will be very tempted to offer a larger 3-row SUV as soon as they can. Something that could compete with the Kia EV9, Hyundai Ioniq 7, and future models like a VW ID.8.

There have also been very strong rumors of a large EV sedan as a Chrysler 300 replacement. Apparently, a possible new Chrylser 300 EV was seen at a dealers’ meeting last April. The illustrations above show what this new 300EV could look like if designers chose a more retro style. A wagon version would also be great, and not that crazy, since VW will soon unveil the wagon version of the new ID.7 and Audi is hard at work on an all-new Audi A6 wagon EV.

The most obvious new Chrysler model in my opinion would be a new Pacifica Minivan. It is currently and sadly the last and only model Chrysler offers. And actually still selling quite well.

A next-generation based on the STLA platform would be a no-brainer.

Of course, the most unrealistic idea would be a return of the Chrysler Sebring coupe and convertible on the STALA EV platform. But that is just a dream. Although it could make a couple of really cool concept cars, at least…

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  1. I’m not liking these AI renderings, as they’re too generic and I hope Chrysler doesn’t go in this direction. I’ve actually been trying to do renderings for Chrysler based on actual Stellantis inventory. I would hope new models from Chrysler would be a more ambient and human experience than the robocars other automakers are going to.

  2. I like Nihar comment. Looks like every other car. Chrysler always late to styling game. Even Cadillac totally ugly ” wonk”. New Challenger looks like redux of 1967 Camaro. On top of all that
    They’ve gone almost totally EV, electric. Americans are not Europeans. We hate expensive, limited life EVs. CrAzZy.

  3. Please; no more Crossovers!
    How many should & can be offered?
    And Chrysler should drop the ” 300 ” name for everything!

    When the 300 Debuted in 1955 , few American cars had numbers alone & it stood out , like the ” Cadillac 62 ” .

    Go with Imperial, Newport, and other names from the past , that mean something to people.
    The big Sedan & Convertible are nice !

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