Future Camaro models.

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At the same time, we heard about a new Corvette “sub-brand” for Chevrolet, the Camaro was also mentioned. (As well as “Escalade”).

This would mean there will be many new Camaro body styles in the electric future since these are all rumored to be using GM’s Ultium platform. And of course, even though it appears to be the most blasphemous of all, the SUV version could end up being the most popular. Just like the Cayenne has done for Porsche. The problem for GM (besides the recent troubles with the Ultium platform) is to fit the new Camaro SUV in their current lineup. Since the new Blazer EV is already overpriced and the Equinox EV sits right under it. There doesn’t seem to be room below the Blazer EV for another 5-seater sporty SUV. It seems the whole thing wasn’t really thought out.

Especially since a Corvette SUV is also rumored to show up above the Blazer EV. I think a larger 4-door Camaro EV could actually work better as a sports wagon and not a real SUV shape. I’ve also heard a 4 door sedan was actually seriously mentioned. And why not? The Camaro is mostly just a name anymore and really not that popular as a car these days. With only 24 600 of them sold last year before its retirement. Ford sold almost 40,000 units of the Mustang Mach-e that same year. Offering multiple body styles could make the Camaro name a popular one again. EV versions of a coupe and convertible have also been mentioned as part of the new lineup. Basically, a Camaro for everyone!

This is obviously not the first time GM is thinking of expanding the Camaro lineup. They even built a prototype of a possible wagon version of the first generation, something that obviously never reached production.

While working on the second-generation Camaro, the wagon idea was still alive and this Kammback prototype was built in 1970. I think it looked really good but again, was never produced.

And how about a pickup version of the 1st generation Camaro?

But, for a rue blasphemous slap in the face to all Camaro fans, nothing will work better than a FWD new Camaro generation. At least that was the thought back in the early 1980s. The GM80 project was not only FWD but 4 and 6-cylinder only. Just like the new Mustang was going to be at that time. I guess GM didn’t want to miss on the cool “FWD and no more V8” trend. However, Ford changed their minds at the last minute (after a huge Mustang fans outcry) and renamed the car “Probe”. At GM, the new FWD Camaro turned out to be way too expensive to produce at a decent price and was abandoned.

These are all projects that would have been blasphemous to Camaro purists who only want an RWD car with a V8. The reality is, that these people are either dead or don’t buy cars anymore and their outcry doesn’t mean lost sales anymore. Just like the Mach-e, new Camaro EVs will end up being more popular than the old ICE versions have been lately.

And some of them might even look really nice…

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  1. If they reinvent the Camaro, I would much rather it be a sedan than an SUV, but following Ford’s example with the Mustang Mach E, I seriously doubt that will be the case. Happy New Year Everyone!! Thank you Vince for another great year, and your continued hard work and dedication to this site.

  2. First of all may I clear one thing up? For saying the V-8 and rear wheel drive or either day or don’t buy cars anymore. There’s plenty of us out there who are in there 60+ and not sitting in a rocking chair. You owe us V-8 rear wheel drive a apology for that is discrimination and that isn’t right

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