Honda EV pickup.

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Future Honda electric Pickup illustration.

I’m not saying this will never happen, but this is a very long shot. Especially since there could be no more Ultium-based Honda products after the new Prologue and Acura ZDX.

But we all know that eventually, all Honda products will be battery-powered, (40% by 2030) and an electric Ridgeline is just a matter of time. It might take longer to get here but it will. They all will…

The new Prologue is basically the EV equivalent to the Passport, although there is still a new generation 2025 Passport on the way in a few months. Before anyone mentions the high price of EVs, the good old ICE Passport starts at $ 42,000. The Honda Prologue is expected to start at around $ 48,000, which could mean under $ 38,000 after incentives for most buyers. And you know that the next-generation Passport will get a price bump. This means the ICE Passport will be a few $1000s more expensive than the Prologue. While the Prologue isn’t inexpensive at all, I think the Passport is pretty overpriced at $ 42,000 to start.

The Ridgeline pick-up starts at $ 40,000. It’s not hard to imagine a slightly cheaper EV version after incentives either.

I am not sure what future EVs Honda is working on but we will know much more very soon Since they will introduce a new electric concept at CES in just a few days. Adopting the Tesla NACS charging system will also help a lot.

I think a cool, modern EV pickup for almost half the price of a RIvian could be pretty popular. If not now, in a few years, since 40% of all Hondas will be electric cars by 2030.

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