2024 Buick Envision Plus.

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The Envision Plus is a Chinese market model that fits between the Envision and the larger Enclave.

Something that is not offered in the US. Just like the 2024 Envision, the Envisoon Plus gets a new face and a new interior. Although the interior is mostly the same except for the redesigned dashboard and the addition of the fantastic super widescreen we have here in the Encore GX and Envista.

As for our 2024 Envision, it seems to be late. It was due to be available last October, then was delayed in December. A 3rd delay pushed it back to early 2024. And then we heard it wouldn’t be coming out until late 2024, which would then make it a 2025 model year, which is strange. Especially since the Envison is coming here from China where it is already on sale.

I have driven both generations of the Buick Envision and really like it. I am looking forward to the revised model.

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  1. Stupid of GM not to bring this here. The Equinox/Terrain/Envision are too small and the 2025 Traverse/Acadia/Enclave are too large. Something in the middle would have been ideal. The Chevy Blazer fit that bill but GM is short sightedly ending production.

  2. In California you’d barely know Buick was still available. Was following an Envision the other day and could swear it was the first one I’ve ever seen. But there’s a Kia Niro and Tesla Model 3 at every corner.

  3. I thought the previous Envision (or is it the current one?) looked rather elegant when I’d see them on the road, like a more upmarket Mazda. This looks very much like the Envista, but probably will compete better against upper trims of the CRV, etc… I like the new design language. It just doesn’t look premium anymore.

  4. Does the Buick Envision Plus give us the best idea yet what the 2025 Buick Encjsve will look like?

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