2024 Hyundai Santa FE.

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Hyundai just released official pricing info for the 2024 Santa Fe.

The new Santa Fe is of course, larger, more powerful, and probably better in every way. Although I was eagerly waiting to see it in person at the Los Angeles auto show last November, I was a bit disappointed. The black wheels on the 2 models that were on the floor looked a bit small. And the black interiors didn’t look great and felt a bit plasticky. After seeing the light interiors with fancy matte wood trim photos online, I was just expecting something much more impressive.

Of course, the new model is more expensive, by quite a bit. The base model jumps from $ 28,740 to $ 33,950. Although it seems the Hybrid version is a better deal than before. Since it is now only a $500 premium over the non-hybrid SEL. Of course, you don’t get as much power as the standard 2.5 Liter Turbo model, but it could get a 34MPG average. You have to pick power or MPG, for almost the same price.

So far, no PHEV model is available.

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  1. I was quite impressed with the exception of knowing one of the models that had rear amber turn signals probably isn’t a U.S. destined model.

    It’s very comfortable and I feel like it’s right-sized. Not too big, but still has plenty of room. I think they knocked this out of the park. Even the pricing is reasonable. I’d be happy with a base SE.

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