Buick Envista video.

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This is a quick video I shot while I was driving the new Buick Envista for a week. A very nice and attractive compact crossover. And better yet, at a great price.

This is basically even a bit cheaper than a Honda Civic hatchback and I really think a better choice for most people.

I reviewed the Envista on this site a few days ago and the YouTube video is just a quick recap with some of my thoughts on the car and other parts of my life…

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  1. Hi Vince, As much as I’ve read your website, I had never heard your voice… until now. Have you ever voiced a car commercial? Your voice seems well-suited for that. Anyway, thank you for this video review of the Buick Envista. You make me want to consider it.
    And lots of people seem to think highly of it! (Take that, Honda!)

  2. Unlike the HRV (and the RDX), I bet it wont have a spontaneously breaking rear hatch glass when you use the window defroster. Get your S**T together, Honda.

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