Cadillac EV sedan.

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Cadillac large EV sedan illustration.
Cadillac large EV sedan illustration.

Cadillac has unveiled 3 new EVs in 2023, as they said they would. The Escalade IQ, the Vistiq and the smaller Optiq. Except for the Escalade IQ, we don’t know much about the other two as only a couple of photos of each have been released. We will know more this year.

That could mean no new Cadillac model for a while. I think they need a large EV sedan. Something that looks like what is expected of a Cadillac, and something that doesn’t cost $340,000 like the Celestiq. It wouldn’t be alone. A large very luxurious Cadillac sedan EV priced at around $ 100,000 could compete with many models like the Lucid Air, Mercedes EQS, BMW i7, and the upcoming Audi A8 EV replacement. It seems everyone is present in that segment except GM. (Where is Lincoln by the way?)

A new large Cadillac sedan would have to impress without being a weirdo like the Celestiq. And it would have to look expensive, unlike the EQS. A very modern interior could still include retro touches and wood. (Maybe a bit too much on the illustration above)

There was a rumor about Cadillac introducing 2 new EV sedans a few months ago. Both would be based on the revised version of the recurrent Ultium platform called BEV3. The larger model is rumored to be about the size of the former Cadillac CT6 sedan. The smaller one would compete against the Mercedes EQE sedan, the new BMW i5, and the Genesis G80 EV. And probably a few more by the time it comes out, like a smaller Lucid sedan.

New Cadillac sedans are always good news in my book. I can’t wait…

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  1. a colored interior, like above, would be a great start. I get tired of black on black, black with a small side of brown, or just seats being gray in a sea of black. I rather like the retro feels on this dash tho. At least it doesn’t have an upright table tacked to the top of the dash.

  2. I require my vehicles to have a combustible engine, lots of torque, power, tech, and a smooth ride Oh, that’s my Cadillac CT5!

    I wish auto makers would invest more in hybrid technology. More people would be amenable to this than strictly EV. Remember, technology evolves over time. For example, the iPhone was not created first. We had the grinder, rotary, push button, flip, and cell. Heck, the infrastructure (cell towers) are still being built out.

  3. Its absolutely essential Cadillac & Buick offer Sedans in the North American Market.
    How many SUV & Crossovers should a company have?
    Its absurd.
    In my area, people are going for Mercedes , BMW, Lexus , Toyota upmarket Coupes & Sedans.
    I surely will NEVER buy an SUV , or Crossover.
    People I know dont want a garage filled with high top mini buses.
    The big Cadillac EV here , is very nice .
    The retro interior is excellent.
    Tradition with the future is a classic luxury car theme , and the legendary Cadillacs of history are all about that !
    A convertible , ( and some two seater), would be a great edition.
    Every luxury brand has them , but modern Cadillac of course.
    But Cadillac loyalists have been waiting forever, as time passes will walk .

  4. I love the look of this new model.
    It’s a beautiful car as said without
    Looking, I’ll say weird.

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