Porsche Macan EV.

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After many delays, Porsche is almost ready to show us the all-new Macan EV.

The new model is based on the new PPE platform and is just 2 inches longer than the current Macan, although its wheelbase is 4 inches longer.

2 versions of the car will be available at launch with up to 600 HP, and the range is over 300 miles in the European test cycle.

As you can see from the spy photos above, the new EV is much sleeker than the current Macan. And already seems to look really good.

The interior will be all-new since we’re talking about a brand-new car on a new platform. Although similar to the current version. Besides a new design, the main change could be the added passenger screen.

The new Macan EV will be sold alongside the “old” Macan EV for just one year.

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