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I am a big fan of the Porsche Macan. I’ve never driven one, but I’ve always really liked the way it looks.

Porsche has been working on the next-generation 2025 Macan EV model for many years, and it has been delayed a few times. But thank God, it will also look terrific.

While I am not a fan of Porsche‘s new squared-off headlights, I think even these look fine on the new Macan. The current model still looks great, but I think the next one might even look better. A bit sportier and with frameless windows, even more modern.

The new model’s wheelbase is 4 inches longer thanks to the new PPE Platform. At the same time, the whole car is just 2 inches longer.

There will be 2 versions available at launch, with up to 600HP. The EV range is 31 miles in the European test cycle, which could translate into around 260/270 miles EPA. Which isn’t that great. At least sharing will be fast with a maximum charging speed of 270kW.

The new interior (top) doesn’t look that different from the current model. There is the now “almost requisite” passenger screen. Since passengers seem to be so bored traveling these days.

There will be no ICE version of the new Mecan. The current ICE model will be sold alongside the new “EV only” generation for one year. The Taycan EV is very popular in the US and Porsche isn’t taking a big gamble on a Macan EV over here. It will be quite a hit.

The only dark spot I can see is that VW and its other brands, Audi and Porsche, have not yet adopted Tesla’s NACS standard. Which is a huge mistake. All we get from them is: “The VW group and its brands are currently evaluating the implementation of the Tesla NACS standard”. They will be “currently evaluating” themselves straight to many lost sales if they don’t act quickly.

These dummies could be the last brands to use the unreliable CSS system in the US.

Good old VW…

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  1. CCS isn’t unreliable, it’s American charging providers that are unreliable. They may be just as bad when they switch to a different connector.
    NACS is CCS with a Tesla 2-phase connector. European CCS can do 3-phase, but that’s not common here, so NACS is a good compromise for us.

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